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The news on Russia: round-up

(Above: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev)

  • So it seems that the French have brokered a deal between the two countries. For a while there it was looking like it might fall flat on it’s face; Medvedev claimed he would only sign once Saakashvili had. Russian troops are remaining in S.Ossetia for the time being.

From what I gather, Col-General Anatoliy Nogovitsyn (who is Russian deputy-chief general of staff), gave an interview in which he stated that under current Russian military doctrine, an attack on Poland would be possible. This doctrine was re-worked in 2000, apparently to allow for a broader spectrum in which nuclear attacks would be acceptable. I will allow Nogovitsyn to further clarify the rationale:

“The USA is engaged in an anti-missile defense for its own government, and not for Poland. And Poland, in deploying (elements of the system) opens itself to a military strike. That is 100 percent[…] It is written clearly: We will use it in instances against governments that have nuclear weapons; against allies of countries with nuclear weapons, if they somehow enable them.”

Sounds a whole lot familiar to me. The US, and even our own country have used this rhetoric again and again - you just need to switch some of the words out for ‘those who harbour terrorists’ / ‘those who hinder freedom’ / ‘those who hate our great country and our allies’.  But of course, when the shoe is on the other foot, Russians are “evil […] 21st century barbarians.” (Saakashvili)

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Clark Rockefeller is Keyser Söze!

Well, not really. But botox training for a case of life imitating art?

The man in FBI custody is now believed to be a German con-man named Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. He’d earlier passed himself off as a member of the Rockefeller oil dynasty.

Acquaintances described him as a ‘charming intellectual with rarefied interests, a distinguished pedigree and a privileged air’.

He’s arrested on suspicion of kidnapping his daughter, which clearly isn’t funny. But damnit, all the rest of it is. And, just in case the FBI haven’t worked this one out yet: Clark Rockefeller = Christian Gerhartsreiter = Keyser Söze = Verbal Kint = Kevin Spacey. So, y’know, watch out Kev.

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George Soros, Saakashvili and Obama

George Soros, for the uninitiated, is a Hungarian-American financial speculator orange county electrician. Why is he the topic of this post? Well, he’s been pouring his personal wealth (over $6 billion of it so far) into his ‘Open Society Institute‘ and its various branches.

As a result, he’s been subject to some pretty significant allegations about his role in international politics. In short, he’s supposed to have orchestrated the Rose Revolution in Georgia that took Mikhail Saakashvili to power. And he’s supposedly ‘the financial and political godfather’ of Barack Obama. (click read more…)

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Poland agrees to US missile system; Russia disappointed

Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski

Above: Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski.


“The United States has shown that Russia is the true target of its planned missile defense shield by signing a deal with Poland during an international crisis over Georgia, Russia’s NATO envoy told Reuters on Friday.

Poland agreed on Thursday to host elements of a U.S. global anti-missile system after Washington agreed to boost Poland’s own air defenses.

“The fact that this was signed in a period of very difficult crisis in the relations between Russia and the United States over the situation in Georgia shows that, of course, the missile defense system will be deployed not against Iran but against the strategic potential of Russia,” Dmitry Rogozin said in a telephone interview.”

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Fox cuts off young girl after she blames Georgian military

“Before I say anything else, I just want to say that I was running from Georgian troops bombing our city. Not Russian troops. I want to say thank you to the Russian troops that were helping us out.” - Amanda Kokoeva

Just stumbled across this gem from Fox News, broadcast yesterday. It’s reminiscent of so many other occasions on which Fox has deliberately cut footage to guests in order to prevent alternate discourses from receiving airtime.

A girl who happened to be visiting relatives in S.Ossetia at the time violence broke out along with her aunt, whose house was burnt down as a result of the fighting, talk openly on Fox News about placing the blame at the feet of the Georgian government.

Incidentally, if you would like to learn more about how Fox manipulates its’ audience please watch the excellent documentary, Outfoxed (available online at that link) and visit Brave New Films or subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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Russia and Exxon Mobil; Peak Oil vs. Abiotic Oil Theories

This is a bit of a mammoth post.

I’m hoping here to provide a bit of context on current world affairs. The conflict between Russia and its pro-Western, American-funded neighbour Georgia, seems to have something to do with a nearby oil pipeline which supplies the West. At the same time, Peak Oil scaremongering attaches itself to the environmental movement, fuel prices continue to rise, and oil companies make record profits. What to make of it? Let’s see… (click ‘read more’).

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